Presence 10

A few months ago, In Other Words had the opportunity to work with the Evolution agency and the Rogers Group communications team on the tenth edition of their annual corporate magazine: PRESENCE.

Their confidence in the quality of our work led our partners to entrust us with more than half of the content of the issue – and what a pleasure it has been to fill these pages!

Let our pens guide you to the heart of Bel Ombre’s “Lamer, Later, and Lavi” and its new territorial brand (by the way, this is another of our favourite projects – discover more here!); recharge your batteries under the trees of the Black River Gorges-Bel Ombre biosphere; discover Ascencia’s exceptional offers and taste the flavours of Agrïa’s terroir, among other inspiring adventures and meetings.

Your reading begins here!

Max Boullé

From October 2 to November 2, 2021, the Caudan Arts Centre hosted a groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to the Mauritian architect and painter Max Boullé (1899-1965).

As part of the preparation for this major retrospective, entitled ‘Max Boullé: between lines and light’, we had the honour of adapting and correcting the text of the official exhibition book, as well as writing content for the associated website and the newsletters sent out in advance of the event. We also provided strategic social media support.

To (re)discover the exhibition with a virtual visit, go to the official website!