Life Extraordinary

At the end of 2022, we collaborated on the annual magazine of LUX* Resorts, a prestigious hotel chain which lives up to its name. As well as writing several articles, we also managed the complete translation of the magazine (from English to French).

Life Extraordinary invites its readers to fully experience the present moment by sharing the visions, on a variety of different subjects, of personalities from across the world: it encompasses travel, cooking, design and well-being. In short, a project which our epicurean-selves enthusiastically embraced!

Whilst perusing its pages, you’ll have the pleasure of discovering expert advice from confirmed globe-trotters, of exploring paradisiacal destinations and more secret ones, such as the ancient Chinese tea route. You’ll be inspired by the well-being tips, especially those of Jessie Inchauspé, the “Glucose Goddess” who is inflaming social media at the moment. You will also dive into the heart of mouth-watering and unknown flavours.

A beautifully crafted magazine and very aesthetically pleasing, to be discovered in-room or online!

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