Origin Eco Chalet

We love Rodrigues, eco-friendly businesses and telling a good story. So, when tasked with writing the website content of the Origin Eco-Lodge, our excitement soared!

To kick off the project, we sat down with co-founder Eloïse Harel and listened to her story. Because Origin is not just a hotel; it’s a personal journey and a dream come true for her and her husband Samuel. 

On top of describing the lodge and its amenities, we wanted to showcase the owners’ environmental commitments and list the best activities in Rodrigues. We hope we succeeded in conveying the spirit of this very unique place!

View the Origin’s website here

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The West

In parallel to the launch of The West territorial brand, we wrote the content for the website thewest.mu, as well as its news section for a few months. We also handled the entire translation aspect. This project required research, interviews, writing, production of SEO content, and project management.

We thoroughly enjoyed supporting the Medine group in the development of this brand aimed at bringing together stakeholders from the West and promoting the region and its inhabitants. It was also an opportunity for us to get to know the West coast better and find some hidden gems! 

The West is here

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Le Caudan Waterfront

For several months now, we’ve been working hand in hand with the Caudan Waterfront and the Caudan Arts Centre, producing various types of content for them–press releases, Tenant Newsletters and translations, among other things. 

Being passionate about culture, we are always delighted to interview local and international artists for the Caudan Arts Centre’s press releases. This also gives us the opportunity to closely follow the center’s events agenda! As for the Tenant Newsletter, sent every month to the Caudan Waterfront’s tenants, it puts to the test our journalistic skills with short and punchy updates.

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Life Extraordinary

At the end of 2022, we collaborated on the annual magazine of LUX* Resorts, a prestigious hotel chain which lives up to its name. As well as writing several articles, we also managed the complete translation of the magazine (from English to French).

Life Extraordinary invites its readers to fully experience the present moment by sharing the visions, on a variety of different subjects, of personalities from across the world: it encompasses travel, cooking, design and well-being. In short, a project which our epicurean-selves enthusiastically embraced!

Whilst perusing its pages, you’ll have the pleasure of discovering expert advice from confirmed globe-trotters, of exploring paradisiacal destinations and more secret ones, such as the ancient Chinese tea route. You’ll be inspired by the well-being tips, especially those of Jessie Inchauspé, the “Glucose Goddess” who is inflaming social media at the moment. You will also dive into the heart of mouth-watering and unknown flavours.

A beautifully crafted magazine and very aesthetically pleasing, to be discovered in-room or online!

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Unique Concept

Ten years… that’s a lot of bespoke kitchens! To mark this milestone, Mauritius’ exclusive kitchen design company, Unique Concept, called on In Other Words to collaborate in the production of an anniversary book. The result: a book celebrating ten years of design creativity – through ten portraits of kitchens, of course!

The In Other Words team managed the production of this book from A to Z. Starting with the creative and editorial concept and ending in production, via organising photoshoots, and writing the texts (of course!)… this beautiful project grew from our imaginations, with the support of the Unique Concept team.

Once we’d seen these ten amazing kitchens with our own eyes (and taken lots of photos from all angles!), it was time to start editing. First the texts, then the creation of the layout: choices of colours and typography, deciding where each photo should go, setting out the flatplan…

This kind of project comes with a real bonus – the opportunity to work with great collaborators! It’s always a pleasure to work with Eric Lee and his beautiful photos, and with Ludovic Barbot, who was responsible for the artistic direction and editing of the book. 

To discover the Unique Concept book, click here. Don’t forget to take a look at our complete portfolio before you go!

Abused…what comes next?

Writing a book? We’d always thought that was a project for someone else. That was until we met Valentine Lenoir and she told us about her ambitious project: to publish a book about her own experiences. The result?  Valentine’s book: Abusé(e), et après? (Abused…what comes next?)

It’s not often anyone gets the chance to return to the past, so it didn’t take much to convince us to be her ghostwriters! Unfortunately, the subject of Valentine’s book is far from easy to deal with. A victim of sexual abuse in childhood, Valentine has chosen to speak out now, not to dwell on the details of her abuse, but to explain how she has managed to build on her own inner strength to live happily despite her past. Her hope (which has become ours!), is that her book will convey a positive message to help other victims find their own way forward.

The right words

How does one manage to convey the feelings, the journey of a survivor? Through discussions, exchanges, lots of patience (from Valentine), rough sketches (from In Other Words) and re-starts, a first draft was finally produced. Touched with gentle humour and sensitivity, like Valentine herself, the book compares the strong and determined young woman she is today with the terrorised little girl who was once the victim of unspeakable abuse. Following her story from one moment of realisation to the next, the little girl gradually asserts herself, growing in confidence as she searches for the happiness she believes she deserves – a belief with which we totally agree!


Abusé(e), et après? now published by Pamplemousses Editions, was a great pleasure to write. Valentine, with her determination, her joy in living, and her maturity, forces society to face up to reality, but that is not the only reason we are so delighted.  We are also extremely proud to have had the opportunity to participate in such an important and meaningful project – a project that we can only hope will bring hope to others.

Brava Valentine, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us!

This was a wonderful project, and there are plenty more to discover on our portfolio!

Heritage Resorts

The end of 2022 saw Heritage Resorts revamp its website, with a new design and improved functionality.

Our team was not only in charge of translating content (from English to French) for the website, but also took responsibility for writing several texts that describe the wide range of experiences available to residents of Heritage Resorts’ luxury villas and hotels.

Discover the new website here. To see more of our translation assignments, view our portfolio!

Bo Plan

Have we said already that we A-DO-RE magazines? Over the last few months we’ve been lucky enough to work with two great teams at Novaterra and the Twögether agency. Together, we’ve produced this year’s edition of the Beau Plan journal, now simply called Bo Plan! This presented an exciting opportunity to re-think the magazine, and to allow its design and content to evolve.

The result?

A journal conceived as a stroll through the region, passing through the different neighbourhoods of Beau Plan, from Bois Rouge to Pamplemousses. The perfect way to soak up the atmosphere of this city in the making and the areas that surround it!

Full of beautiful photos, vibrant and colourful (thanks, Louise!), it’s a real pleasure to leaf through Bo Plan’s pages.

You’ll want to read and re-read anecdotes about the region and fascinating interviews that draw on the island’s French and Creole heritages, courtesy of a great editorial team!

In short, Bo Plan is a must-read – discover it here.


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Presence 10

A few months ago, In Other Words had the opportunity to work with the Evolution agency and the Rogers Group communications team on the tenth edition of their annual corporate magazine: PRESENCE.

Their confidence in the quality of our work led our partners to entrust us with more than half of the content of the issue – and what a pleasure it has been to fill these pages!

Let our pens guide you to the heart of Bel Ombre’s “Lamer, Later, and Lavi” and its new territorial brand (by the way, this is another of our favourite projects – discover more here!); recharge your batteries under the trees of the Black River Gorges-Bel Ombre biosphere; discover Ascencia’s exceptional offers and taste the flavours of Agrïa’s terroir, among other inspiring adventures and meetings.

Your reading begins here!

Max Boullé

From October 2 to November 2, 2021, the Caudan Arts Centre hosted a groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to the Mauritian architect and painter Max Boullé (1899-1965).

As part of the preparation for this major retrospective, entitled ‘Max Boullé: between lines and light’, we had the honour of adapting and correcting the text of the official exhibition book, as well as writing content for the associated website and the newsletters sent out in advance of the event. We also provided strategic social media support.

To (re)discover the exhibition with a virtual visit, go to the official website!