Cap Tamarin Smart City – part of the Trimetys group – called on In Other Words to create its quarterly gazette. We’re delighted to have worked on this exciting project!

From concept to design

First, we developed an editorial line that aligned with Trimetys’ objectives. We also advised on the magazine’s name, “Cap sur Tamarin”, its design and its structure.

Then, we managed the project from start to finish. This included creating a content plan, writing copy based on research and interviews, supervising the layout and proofreading the magazine before it went to print.

We’re very proud to present the first edition here!

Editorial project management: what we do best

In Other Words has produced magazines including Sundays, Luxury Indian Ocean and Kozé. From creating an editorial line to writing and layout, we manage the creation of each magazine until it goes to print.

Developing a magazine requires real expertise as well as strong writing abilities. From choosing the topics to creating a layout, framing the information appropriately and setting the right tone, it’s important to get everything right. In short, it’s best to call on an experienced team for support.

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