Since March 2020, Mauritian entrepreneurs have had one thing in common: The will to prove more resilient than ever!

The pandemic has put our economy to the test, but entrepreneurs from various sectors continue to deliver messages of hope through their stories. Stories of resourcefulness, creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance, that the MCB has chosen to celebrate with a helping hand from In Other Words.

Our writers told seven of their tales through Th!nk, the MCB’s blog. And based on the engagement rates, we definitely all needed a little inspiration!  But only when some of our interviewees reached out to share the positive impact the articles have had on their businesses did we realise the importance of this  collaboration with the MCB.

A big thank you to the MCB for giving us this opportunity.

Read in French some of these stories of resilience below.

Entreprendre contre vents et marées, la devise d’Anju Hawoldar
Ludovic Henry fait un carton plein avec WeCycle
Noellette Cécile, aux crochets de sa passion
Adèle Lagesse sert un come-back corsé aux Brûleries de La Fournaise

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