Our expertise in a nutshell

We go the extra mile to come up with fresh new communications concepts, tackle your thorniest challenges and help you achieve your goals.

Editorial project management

Producing a magazine or coming up with a brand-new communications platform takes time and ingenuity… but mostly, it takes editorial expertise. We’ll make sure your project goes just the way you want.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Project & editorial team management
  • Customised content creation

Brand identity creation

Your communication needs to be compelling, targeted and impactful, whether it’s aimed at your employees, your partners, or the general public. We’ll help you identify your various audiences, define your key messages and work out how best to deploy them.

  • Storytelling & manifesto
  • Identity creation
  • Editorial charter creation

Editorial marketing

The most effective communication is useful, truthful and authentic. Together, let’s harness the power of words to drive your growth.

  • Website and blog content
  • Brochures and books
  • Press content & advertorials

Editorial services

Add some oomph to your communications. Our attention to detail and exacting standards will help you maximise your impact on your audiences.

  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading


Translating the beauty and power of a text from its birth language into another is a tall order, but so important for the image of your brand or your editorial project! Put your faith in us; we have mastered the subtleties of the two languages.

  • In-house translation from English to French
  • Management of French to English resources
  • A team of reliable collaborators

Books and magazines

We are passionate about books and magazines. Carefully crafted content can powerfully portray the spirit of our times, contribute to a brand’s storytelling or strengthen a narrative. With our astute creative team, let’s explore your project together to help it come to life.

  • Concept and budgeting of support
  • Content creation and supervision
  • A to Z project management

Meet our team

Pencils sharpened, pens at the ready, keyboards poised…
In Other Words is at your service.

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