Unique Concept

Ten years… that’s a lot of bespoke kitchens! To mark this milestone, Mauritius’ exclusive kitchen design company, Unique Concept, called on In Other Words to collaborate in the production of an anniversary book. The result: a book celebrating ten years of design creativity – through ten portraits of kitchens, of course!

The In Other Words team managed the production of this book from A to Z. Starting with the creative and editorial concept and ending in production, via organising photoshoots, and writing the texts (of course!)… this beautiful project grew from our imaginations, with the support of the Unique Concept team.

Once we’d seen these ten amazing kitchens with our own eyes (and taken lots of photos from all angles!), it was time to start editing. First the texts, then the creation of the layout: choices of colours and typography, deciding where each photo should go, setting out the flatplan…

This kind of project comes with a real bonus – the opportunity to work with great collaborators! It’s always a pleasure to work with Eric Lee and his beautiful photos, and with Ludovic Barbot, who was responsible for the artistic direction and editing of the book. 

To discover the Unique Concept book, click here. Don’t forget to take a look at our complete portfolio before you go!

Inside Capital

In early 2021, OXO and Inside Capital – a private equity firm that invests in Southeastern Africa’s sustainable development – contacted us for help with a new project: refreshing its brand identity, creating press and social media templates and writing the contents of a fresh new website! Just the kind of challenge that In Other Words loves to tackle. 

Over several months, we worked with OXO and Inside Capital on a new brand identity, a press release, social media templates and the contents of a brand-new website. Have a look at the end result here

UBP Group

The UBP Group, which works in the fields of construction, renovation and fitting-out, tasked us with:

  • Creating an editorial strategy for its new blog
  • Regularly producing articles for the blog in both English and French

Thanks to this new platform, UBP is able to raise awareness of its expertise while sharing the Group’s latest news and giving a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of its brands (including UBP, Drymix, Espace Maison and Gros Cailloux).

Click here to find out more!


Gift.mu is a new Mauritian platform that sells digital gift cards.

Ahead of its launch, In Other Words created a communications strategy for the brand, based on extensive market research and comparator analysis.

We also advised Gift.mu on the structure of the website, created various communication documents (press releases, newsletters, e-mails…) and carried out press relations work.

Finally, we manage Gift.mu’s social media presence in both English and French.

Browse Gift.mu’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Wheel & Barrow

When events startup Wheel & Barrow started rethinking their offer and market positioning, they called on In Other Words to create a new editorial identity.

We carried out market research, drew up an editorial charter and defined the company’s mission, values and vision. Based on that, we created Wheel & Barrow’s unique brand manifesto and personality – helping them stand out from their competitors in the Mauritian events industry.

We love helping companies define their editorial strategy! Find out more about our expertise.


The Terra Group has been using our digital and editorial support services since 2020.

Having redefined the Group’s communications territory and key messages, we started producing and regularly distributing content aimed at its audiences, and managed its social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram).

Visit Terra’s website for the Group’s latest news.

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Unique Concept

We’ve helped Unique Concept with their everyday communications since 2018.

For instance, we redesigned their website and we manage their social media image and campaigns on a daily basis. We also oversee their press marketing campaigns and create tools that are tailored to their needs.

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