Unique Concept

Ten years… that’s a lot of bespoke kitchens! To mark this milestone, Mauritius’ exclusive kitchen design company, Unique Concept, called on In Other Words to collaborate in the production of an anniversary book. The result: a book celebrating ten years of design creativity – through ten portraits of kitchens, of course!

The In Other Words team managed the production of this book from A to Z. Starting with the creative and editorial concept and ending in production, via organising photoshoots, and writing the texts (of course!)… this beautiful project grew from our imaginations, with the support of the Unique Concept team.

Once we’d seen these ten amazing kitchens with our own eyes (and taken lots of photos from all angles!), it was time to start editing. First the texts, then the creation of the layout: choices of colours and typography, deciding where each photo should go, setting out the flatplan…

This kind of project comes with a real bonus – the opportunity to work with great collaborators! It’s always a pleasure to work with Eric Lee and his beautiful photos, and with Ludovic Barbot, who was responsible for the artistic direction and editing of the book. 

To discover the Unique Concept book, click here. Don’t forget to take a look at our complete portfolio before you go!

Bo Plan

Have we said already that we A-DO-RE magazines? Over the last few months we’ve been lucky enough to work with two great teams at Novaterra and the Twögether agency. Together, we’ve produced this year’s edition of the Beau Plan journal, now simply called Bo Plan! This presented an exciting opportunity to re-think the magazine, and to allow its design and content to evolve.

The result?

A journal conceived as a stroll through the region, passing through the different neighbourhoods of Beau Plan, from Bois Rouge to Pamplemousses. The perfect way to soak up the atmosphere of this city in the making and the areas that surround it!

Full of beautiful photos, vibrant and colourful (thanks, Louise!), it’s a real pleasure to leaf through Bo Plan’s pages.

You’ll want to read and re-read anecdotes about the region and fascinating interviews that draw on the island’s French and Creole heritages, courtesy of a great editorial team!

In short, Bo Plan is a must-read – discover it here.


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Luxury Indian Ocean 12

The new edition of Luxury Indian Ocean magazine (edition 12) was released at the end of 2021.

We have been working with Mediatiz on this beautiful magazine for several years now. From editing to writing its stories, not to mention translating them, each edition of the magazine involves several months of work!

Little by little, Luxury Indian Ocean has seen its editorial approach evolve to present a new vision of luxury, more in line with the desires and expectations of its audience.

The question posed by this edition is simple, yet so complex:

Now what?

For the first time, we are tackling societal issues that invite our readers to look ahead…

👉🏽 Here or further afield, projects to inspire our region and boost its growth.

👉🏽 Local or regional initiatives that deserve to gain prominence.

👉🏽 Meeting the key players who work on behalf of our islands.

👉🏽 An overview of the projects, ideas and companies that will revolutionise our daily lives in tomorrow’s world.

From Gross National Happiness to entrepreneurship; from local produce to bitcoin; from bioclimatic architecture to the emergence of a generation full of talent; immerse yourself in an edition rich in encounters, beautiful experiences, and shared discoveries…

 Indulge yourself by clicking here.

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Mokazine #3

Moka will never stop surprising its residents, those who work in the region and… the editors who contribute to its magazine!

Mokazine #3, the new issue of the annual magazine, is out! And here is what we love about collaborating on this magazine:

👉🏽 Our conversation with those who make sure something exciting is always happening in Moka;
👉🏽 The inspiring energy driving Moka’s NGOs to support their causes;
👉🏽 Our lovely encounter with Mokassians committed to their city;
👉🏽 Our behind-the-scenes access to the Moka Trail and Moka Express, the new challenge launched in collaboration with the POP TV team;
👉🏽 The rich history, preserved at the Indian Immigration Museum;
👉🏽 How quickly children understand the concept of Smart City!

The list goes on because this issue really is so much more! But don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

Discover Mokazine #3 here. For more magazines projects, over there!

Disclaimer: You might start planning to settle in Moka upon reading!

Set a course for Tamarin!

Cap Tamarin Smart City – part of the Trimetys group – called on In Other Words to create its quarterly gazette. We’re delighted to have worked on this exciting project!

From concept to design

First, we developed an editorial line that aligned with Trimetys’ objectives. We also advised on the magazine’s name, “Cap sur Tamarin”, its design and its structure.

Then, we managed the project from start to finish. This included creating a content plan, writing copy based on research and interviews, supervising the layout and proofreading the magazine before it went to print.

We’re very proud to present the first edition here!

Editorial project management: what we do best

In Other Words has produced magazines including Sundays, Luxury Indian Ocean and Kozé. From creating an editorial line to writing and layout, we manage the creation of each magazine until it goes to print.

Developing a magazine requires real expertise as well as strong writing abilities. From choosing the topics to creating a layout, framing the information appropriately and setting the right tone, it’s important to get everything right. In short, it’s best to call on an experienced team for support.

Need flexible, end-to-end support on producing your magazine? Write to us!

Luxury Indian Ocean #10

Like the rest of the world, Mauritius had a difficult year. But it’s also a model of resilience thanks to the fortitude, creativity and solidarity of its citizens. For that reason, Luxury Indian Ocean chose to dedicate its 10th edition to the island and its people.

In Other Words worked closely with Mediatiz to produce the magazine. From devising an editorial strategy and acting as the publication’s editor-in-chief to managing its contributors, producing content, translating several articles and doing the proofreading, we provided end to end support on this beautiful edition of the magazine.

A digital version is online here. Enjoy the read!

Le Suffren Hotel & Marina

In 2019, Mauritian hospitality group Indigo Hotels undertook an extensive renovation of Le Suffren Hotel & Marina, one of its flagship hotels in Port Louis. During the refurbishment, the establishment closed completely for a three-month period.

In partnership with Lemon agency and In Other Words, Le Suffren carried out a communications campaign to raise awareness of its renovation and reopening.

The objectives were to:

  • Publicise the hotel’s complete transformation
  • Give the establishment’s communications a bit of personality
  • Reaffirm the hotel’s importance to the island’s cultural and natural heritage

Among other things, our team:

  • Created posts for social media
  • Scripted promotional videos to be shared online
  • Wrote a wide variety of communication materials (a press kit, the contents of an edition of Flare magazine that was dedicated to the renovation, a brochure, factsheet, newsletter…)
  • Translated print ads.

And finally, one of our team was also the face of the campaign! She appeared in its videos, carried out interviews, featured in photos for the hotel’s communication supports and print ads…

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Heritage Stories

OXO tasked us with managing the editorial team to produce the fourth issue of Heritage Stories, Heritage Resorts’ beautiful magazine. We also helped identify potential topics and produced most of the magazine’s content.

We’re extremely proud of the end result: a magazine that is both visually stunning and whose articles are truly interesting. Topics include regional history, Heritage Resorts’ environmental commitments, Mauritian gris-gris (amulets to ward off evil), gastronomy and children’s literature…

Find the magazine online here!

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Sundays #33

We served as editors-in-chief of issue 33 of Sundays. This quarterly magazine is published by leading Mauritian communications agency Evolution and is all about positive vibes. Since its refresh in 2019, Sundays has delighted readers with its upbeat tone of voice, unorthodox and occasionally tongue-in-cheek content and coverage of environmental issues. With its fun and modern layout and its gorgeous design values, it’s as refreshing as a great rosé on a hot summer’s day.

See for yourself at Sundays.mu!

Visit our portfolio for information about our other magazine work.

Mokazine #1

In partnership with communications agency Evolution, we wrote a series of articles for Mokazine, Moka Smart City’s annual magazine. The project allowed us to explore Moka and discover its best-kept secrets, from the region’s historical coffee plantations to summit of Pieter Both mountain and the area’s botanical particularities. We also wrote the magazine’s main feature on mobility.

The magazine is available to view on the Moka Smart City website.