Writing a book? We’d always thought that was a project for someone else. That was until we met Valentine Lenoir and she told us about her ambitious project: to publish a book about her own experiences. The result?  Valentine’s book: Abusé(e), et après? (Abused…what comes next?)

It’s not often anyone gets the chance to return to the past, so it didn’t take much to convince us to be her ghostwriters! Unfortunately, the subject of Valentine’s book is far from easy to deal with. A victim of sexual abuse in childhood, Valentine has chosen to speak out now, not to dwell on the details of her abuse, but to explain how she has managed to build on her own inner strength to live happily despite her past. Her hope (which has become ours!), is that her book will convey a positive message to help other victims find their own way forward.

The right words

How does one manage to convey the feelings, the journey of a survivor? Through discussions, exchanges, lots of patience (from Valentine), rough sketches (from In Other Words) and re-starts, a first draft was finally produced. Touched with gentle humour and sensitivity, like Valentine herself, the book compares the strong and determined young woman she is today with the terrorised little girl who was once the victim of unspeakable abuse. Following her story from one moment of realisation to the next, the little girl gradually asserts herself, growing in confidence as she searches for the happiness she believes she deserves – a belief with which we totally agree!


Abusé(e), et après? now published by Pamplemousses Editions, was a great pleasure to write. Valentine, with her determination, her joy in living, and her maturity, forces society to face up to reality, but that is not the only reason we are so delighted.  We are also extremely proud to have had the opportunity to participate in such an important and meaningful project – a project that we can only hope will bring hope to others.

Brava Valentine, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us!

This was a wonderful project, and there are plenty more to discover on our portfolio!